Easy festival Hairstyles with Bed Head by Tigi

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A few Weeks ago , during Lolla Weekend to be exact . I was invited  to visit the Bed Head Hotel hosted by Bed Head by Tigi.  Which is a pop-up party where festival goers can get glam, sip on some coktails and enjoy music performances by some amazing guest DJs before heading out to the music festival.

While I was there I learned how to create the perfect messy waves using the Curlipops™ 1" Reverse Tapered Tourmaline Ceramic Styling Iron,  the steps to make some super easy festival hairstyles, and what Bed Head by Tigi products to use to take your festival hairstyle to the next level. Today I'm sharing with you all those tips and two step by step hairstyle tutorials that I'm sure you're going to love because how easy they are.





For both looks I started by curling my hair with the Bed Head by Tigi Curlipops™ 1" Reverse Tapered Tourmaline Ceramic Styling Iron. This curling iron is THE PERFECT tool to create bouncy curls. The tapered barrel can be used to make volume on the top and tight curls at the bottom, or viceversa, tight curls at the top and loose on the bottom. This is definitely the type of curling iron for someone who likes to experiment with different styles.

bed-head-by-tigi-reverse-tapered-curling-ironAt this point you may be wondering, how are you creating MESSY WAVES using an styling tool meant to create PERFECT CURLS!!  Simple, once I finished curling my entire head and after myhair cooled down, I loosened up my perfect curls by running my fingers through my hair. Then I sprayed Bed Head by Tigi get twisted to protect from frizz and hold my now messy waves for longer.

I need to say that  my waves last longer using this technique than when I curl my hair with my 1 1/4 barrel. If you have thick long hair, I totally recommend you to try this.


1. Grab a section of hair right at the middle of your hair. This is the portion that you're going to braid and use to make your mini top bun

2.  Make a reverse french braid starting from the front of your head to the back. 
*How to make a reverse french braid : start a normal braid; take the right strand and cross it under the middle strand. Next, take the left strand and cross it under the middle strand. Once you have this small foundation braid, begin adding more hair from the sides with each crossover

3. Secure your french braid with small elastics 

4. Make a little top bun with the remaining hair , and secure it with bobby pins.

5. To help everything stay in place, I sprayed Bed Head by Tigi Hard Head over the braid and the bun.


1. Part your hair on the left side . Then take a chunk of hair on the left side, this is what you'll use to make the braid. I wanted my braid to be as thick as possible so I sprayed this section of hair with Bed Head by Tigi Superstar Queen for a day to add some volume and body.

2. Start by doing a reverse french braid  starting at the top of your part. Thenk keep going until yo reach the ears level. At this point you can just continue doing a regular braid.

3. Once you finish the braid, secure it with small elastics.

4. Pull through the sides of the braid to make it more fluffy and thick! 

Are you attending any music festivals soon? Which festival hairstyle are you recreating?

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