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Hi Guys! Today I want to show you some of the products I'm loving lately. From skin care products to makeup and even magazines, here you'll find a little bit of everything. If you've tried or heard about any of these before, let me know your thoughts in a comment below!

I got this Freeman Btightening overnight mask like a month ago when shopping online on Ulta and I needed about $7 more to get free shipping. This was just the right price, so I decided to give it a try and loved it! The formula is really light weight, doesn't make my skin break out but it does a great job clearing out my dark spots. The only thing I hate, is that sometimes it irritates the sides of my nose, (weird right?) so I just avoid that are completely.

Another great brightening product is this O.R.G. mineral peel I received on a suscription box. This is a non-abrasive exfoliant. You just need  to spray it on to your face and then gently massage it on circular motions to remove all excess dirt and dead skin

Talking about gentle exfoliators, one of my favorites is my Dew puff konjac sponge.  I use this one to wash my face every other morning, instead of using micellar water like I always do. Konjac sponges and korean beauty products in general are very porpular at the moment, so there are several brands who sell them , but I personally like Dew Puff better just because they are affordable, each one of these is only $8.

The next one, is also a korean skin care product: The black sugar perfect first serum. You probably already read about it in THIS POST, but this definitely deserves another mention because it is that great! If you're fighting agains dark spots or dull skin, you definitely need this in your life. Almost every other website describes it as an exfoliant or moisturizer but I don't agree. I would say it's more like a brightening toner. Read more about it HERE

Enough about skin care products, let's talk about makeup shall we? If you ask me what is the best liquid lipstick out there, I would say withouth doubt is Julep's It's whipped matte lip mouse. Sure this is not the most long lasting, or kiss proof product out there, but the formula is extremely comfy and moisturizing. This is the only liquid lip that doesn't dry out or crack my lips (not even during winter), so I don't mind the extra one or two applications per day. 

Another makeup product that changed my life is the Milk makeup blur stick. This is a silicone free lightweight primer that MINIMIZES the appearance of pores and fine lines, and mattifies your skin. Most people don't like this product because it doesn't cover your pores as a regular silicon primer would do. I love it because so far this is the only primer that has helped me to keep my makeup oil-free for longer, and I can even using after my moisturizer (without any more makeup on) just to keep my face matte the whole day.

Oval brushes have been around for a while now, and about a year ago I got my makeup done by a MUA that used those and I really liked the finish but I never got a set before because I thought they were over prized. Then I found THIS set at Zaful for $10, and the rest is history. They definitely don't look as cute as the Artis' brushes, but they do the job. They are really soft and the bigger ones work great blending foundation and concealer. I like to use the one in the middle to contour my nose and the one next to it to create cut crease eyeshadow looks.

Last but not least, I have to admit that for the last month I ditched my beloved books, and I replaced them with wedding magazines and traveling books. This bride-to-be is in full wedding planning mood! I get my hands in every bridal magazine that comes on my way but my favorite is Modern Luxury Wedding,  which by the way is having their annual evening of bridal luxury next February 19th. If you're a Chicago Bride you can't miss this. (Get tickets here).

And because a big part of planning a wedding is planning a honeymoon, I've been reading a lot about traveling as well. Eric got me this book a little while ago, and it's not only going to help us chose a destination, we decided to make it out travel bucket list!

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